Using Pink Salt on a daily basis can replace taking several mineral and vitamins, can cure the ‘dehydrated body’, can draw out toxins absorbed in our daily lives through air and pollution – the list is endless and you can read our full e-book here for further details. The answer is using a Pink Salt sole solution.

To improve your health, bowel movements and help alkalize your system, simply take a teaspoon of the pink salt Sole (pronounced Sol-Lay) first thing in the morning (you can also have a second dose in the early evening if you like).

The simplest way to make this a daily habit is to make a large Jar of ‘ongoing Sole’ using our Pink Rock Salt Chunks, keep in the kitchen and take a teaspoon in the morning downed with a good glass of water.  Not only are you making huge health benefits to your body, but it looks great as an ornamental piece on your counter-tops.

It could not be more simple to add to your daily routine.himalayan salt ebook