Alkalize your body – with salt

Salt is the most important component in alkalizing the blood and tissues. Salt really is a great way to alkalize your body, and is vital for good health due to they way it creates the correct PH balance within the body and helps to regulate the water content of the body.

Water itself, works its way into into the interior of all our cells where is can cleanse and extract the toxic wastes of cell metabolisms. Good health depends on a highly delicate balance between the volume of water both in our cells and out,  and the right balance is achieved by salt.

Of course we are not talking your white table salt that is now commonly known to be bad for the body, but the 84 minerals within Pink Salt (Himalayan Salt), is able to effectively achieve the balance required.
When we drink enough clean, natural water to pass clear urine, we also pass out a lot of the salt that was held back. This is how we can get rid of edema fluid or acidic fluid in the body; by drinking more water.

Good Pink salt is NOT the same thing as table salt which has been stripped of its companion elements and contains additive elements such as aluminum silicate to keep it powdery and porous. Aluminum is a very toxic element in our nervous system, so much so that it has been implicated as one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  The impact of increasing salt intake can effect just about every area of your health.

Here is a list of attributes that praise salt’s healing abilities.
1. Heart:     Pink Salt is most effective in stabilizing irregular heartbeats and – contrary to the misconception that it causes high blood pressure – it is actually essential for the regulation of blood pressure.

2. Brain:     Pink Salt is vital to the extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, particularly the brain cells.

3. Blood:     Pink Salt is vital for balancing the acidic sugar levels in the blood; beneficial for diabetics.

4. Cells:      Pink Salt is vital for the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in the body. It is used for local power generation at the sites of energy needed by the cells.

5.  Nerves:     Pink Salt is vital to the nerve cells’ communication and information processing.

6.  Intestines: Pink Salt is vital for absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract.

7. Lungs:     Pink Salt is vital for the clearance of the lungs of mucous plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.

8.  Sinuses:     Pink Salt is vital for clearing up catarrh and congestion of the sinuses.

9.  Bones:     Twenty-seven percent of the body’s salt is in the bones. Osteoporosis results when the body needs more salt and takes it from the body. Bones are twenty-two percent water.

10.  Muscles: Pink Salt is essential for the prevention of muscle cramps.

11.  Mouth:     Pink Salt is vital to prevent excess saliva production to the point that it flows out of the mouth during sleep.

12. Sleep:    Pink Salt is vital for sleep regulation. It is a natural hypnotic.

13. Cough:    Pink Salt on the tongue will stop persistent dry coughs.

14. Arthritis:    Pink Salt is vital for the prevention of gout and gouty arthritis.

15. Varicose Veins: Pink Salt is vital for preventing varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.

16. Hormones:  Pink Salt will help balance acidic hormones and the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.

17. Diet:     PinkSalt will reverse sugar cravings.

18. Leg Cramp:  Pink Salt will neutralize acids associated with muscle cramps or restless leg syndrome.

19.  Stress:    Pink Salt will help reduce adrenal stress.

20.  Energy:    Pink Salt will help energize the body.

21.  Menopause: Pink Salt will help reduce hot flashes.

29. Alkalize: Salt will provide the primary elements for producing sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the fluids of the extracellular and intracellular fluids.

If you can Alkalize your body with Pink Salt, your overall immune system is in good heed to tackle anything that tries to compromise your body’s health. In conjunction with an alkaline diet  meaning we’re consuming good amounts of green leafy veggies, raw green juices, nut and seed milks, use Pink Salt and ensure you are drinking enough water. There is no better way to protect yourself from future ills than concentrating on this aspect of your diet.


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