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We supply quality Himalayan Pink Salt: For cooking, making Sole (Sol-Lay) and using in beauty products.

We are also suppliers of the most amazing, Australian Grown, Fresh Pepper (Black and Green peppercorns).

Our incredible, Gourmet Smoked Salt products are incredibly popular, adding a new dimension to simple dishes.

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Himalayan Salt

It’s qualities: unpolluted, unrefined & naturally fossilized with a rich content of minerals & trace elements. Himalayan Salt is mined from the salt seams that run….

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Australian Pepper

Our Aussie Pepper is a very aromatic, sharp flavoured black peppercorn. We pack the latest harvest so you can be sure you are getting the freshest pepper available.

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Smoked Salt & Garlic

Red Gum and Tea Tree Smoked Himalayan Salt and Smoked Garlic. Saltt Trading have made it easy to add an authentic smoky flavor and aroma to your favorite dish.

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Marc and Karen Langley are the new owners of Saltt trading. Marc has a background in business management and horticulture. Karen’s background includes professional catering, an organic produce business and more recently Social Work.

We share a passion for high quality food and health, for the environment, for family, and always strive to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Saltt Trading was founded on a drive to promote good health and a balanced lifestyle and we share in that motivation.
The original owner, Sharyn Cook, founded Saltt Trading following her own experiences in a natural therapy business where she noticed that the various pains and symptoms presented came back to the same basic weaknesses…mineral deficiencies with a stagnant, over acidic lymphatic system. Searching to address these concerns, Sharyn’s research lead her to Himalayan Sea Salt.

Unrefined Himalayan Crystal Salt has the finest molecule of any known salt and works to replenish cellular mineral deficiencies. When the salt crystals are saturated in water (Sole), the energy released fuels the body’s electrolyte system. In turn this stimulates lymphatic flow (our bodies waste disposal system) to help the body’s capability of healing itself. Following months of trials using the ‘Sole’ solution with many clients, Sharyn found it to be an extremely successful therapy.

The Earth naturally provides us with what we need to nourish, heal and sustain our bodies. Saltt Trading provides a range of Himalayan Pink Salt products for both culinary and therapeutic use extracted directly from untainted, ancient Earth. Various salt textures are available in grinders and refill bags. We are also proud to offer an excellent Australian pepper range, which is pesticide free, hand picked …from Silkwood Pepper farm in North Queensland. Our pepper includes four culinary textures and fresh green peppercorns when in season.

Our range has grown steadily in popularity and as awareness continues to grow people are increasingly seeking Himalayan Pink Salt in their diet. Our products are available at selected supermarkets, specialty food stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stores, quality markets and various retail stores across the country.

We are very proud of our range of high quality products and are confident you will love them too.

Once you have tasted our beautiful salt and pepper we are sure you will never go back!

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Marc and Karen Langley

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Himalayan Salt Beauty Products

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Smoked Salt & Garlic

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